Thursday, 18 December 2014

Stuffs from Bali Workshop

Yeah so here they are, some stuffs that I made during the awesome workshop. Not much they are , some scribbles and sketches cause I'm too amazed by the mentors, so barely got my head down :3

The wolf made during DaveRapoza's, the slayer during James Zapata's and the elf during Saskia Gutekunst 's (she's so awesomee) . There're also Kekai Kotaki and Karla Ortiz :)

Anyway it has been a hell of experience for me. I'm a quiet person, don't have much to say,and always find it difficult to be in a crowd and meeting new people... but I'm really are grateful that I could be there at the workshop, meeting awesome artists from all around the world and awesome mentors. Really nice meeting all of you guys.

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