Thursday, 18 December 2014

Stuffs from Bali Workshop

Yeah so here they are, some stuffs that I made during the awesome workshop. Not much they are , some scribbles and sketches cause I'm too amazed by the mentors, so barely got my head down :3

The wolf made during DaveRapoza's, the slayer during James Zapata's and the elf during Saskia Gutekunst 's (she's so awesomee) . There're also Kekai Kotaki and Karla Ortiz :)

Anyway it has been a hell of experience for me. I'm a quiet person, don't have much to say,and always find it difficult to be in a crowd and meeting new people... but I'm really are grateful that I could be there at the workshop, meeting awesome artists from all around the world and awesome mentors. Really nice meeting all of you guys.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Buildings & Props Concept

So I started to work on something new (I like to try various things in my works) and here comes buildings and props concept design :)
I'm helping Joshua Classen with his game early concept.
Check out Natures Wanderer - open world RPG.

Belathron Sketches

Earlier concepts of the Belathron's Characters

Gameart Mockups and Stuffs

 Background artworks, sprites, tiles, props, and stuffs.


Gladiators of Belathron Characters

Some characters made for Behold Studio's upcoming boardgame.
Check their awesome website!

And also my character concept is being sculpted by the talented Konrad :)
Check out his artworks here!

Ogre Magica and Giant Bee

Other TCG Artworks

Post Apocalypse Guy

Random character stuffs

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Queen of Thorn (Read : Disaster)

Yeah why I named it Queen of Disaster.....=__=

My harddisk crashed TWICE when I'm trying to finished this one. The first made me had to bought two whole new harddisks (sob my money TT_TT ). And when I cheered with the new shiny cause it's completely remove the lagging that often happens when I paint...again it happened. Fortunately the second one can be fixed in no time. (Of course you're new, you must heal fast, I just bought you yesterday <_<  ).

Friday, 25 April 2014

Soul Changeling

The woman has the power to place a soul into inanimate objects. The objects then will behave
like the soul belongs inside them. The one reside in the big drum is a horse and in the masks are birds.