Sunday, 21 July 2013


I tried paint from a scene of a movie..

My choice is Park Chan Wook's Stoker, cause I love the color scheme in the movie so much, and also India ♥

Here's the scene I capture...

First I just put rough color to define the over all shape.

Then put it up to detail . Because it's a close up one, the face is the most I concern. Moreover, India's facial expressions is hard to make, since her character very unique. I spent a lot of time for her face.

After getting the big picture, next step is detailing and detailing. Define the shape and the value of every part like eyes, nose, lips, hair etc. more.

 Adding and refining the background...

Final step is to adjust the color, adjust the brightness and contrast...checking the value. I'm done with it, even if it's not clean and really similar to the example, I prefer to leave some rough brush strokes :)

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