Sunday, 12 May 2013

Chagan of the North

Hi there~! :)

Welcome to my small hut.
So I decided to start posting works of mine here, where I can create small world of mine :)

I always love to put cultural concept over my work, so recently what first come to my 'always goes-anywhere-daydreaming' mind is a story of 15 years old (or so) fantasy mongolian girl called Chagan. If what I looked up was right it means 'white' in mongolian.

Before I've done a concept of a firebird's son. And I think I will make this Chagan be the daughter of the White Tiger. A stubborn girl, with a white tiger which has been like family to her, fantasy mongolian village and snowy environment...will develop all that later. And here first sketch of Chagan. Enjoy~!

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