Monday, 6 June 2016

Arma Gallant Stuffs Update

It's been +/-2 years in the making, and such an experience to had a chance being part of the development team. The game has been released on PS4, please check it out :

And here's the game's official website :

I don't have PS4 so haven't had the chance to tried the game out ^_^; but here some stuffs I've contributed along the way.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Boardgames Artwork

Sometimes I work on styles that really far from what I usually create. But it's fun exploring and developing!

I got a chance to work on this one to visualize and develop the chars, board tiles and design the cover and logo for the boxart. :)
Ursa Miner is a boardgame about mining honey! Check this account of the respected creator Eli Kosminsky and Room & Boardgames :

Early Concept

Well, the first one just made it to concept phase, but the second one, stay tuned due to near of its release date on Steam!